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This brief-case with handles made of “raffia” or jiafotsy or sadadioky in Madagascan has all the characteristics of an ordinary brief-case but in raffia.

Adorned with a little cord by way of handle, it’s worn like a handbag. You can also put your documents, files, pencils, glasses and all that usually clutters you up in it.

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No more reason to spend hours reordering your papiers.
Here is a brief-case with handles made of natural fibers among which the raffia.
It’s entirely handmade. It’s made up of an accordion pleat and a fastening with flap and a clasp.
It’s adorned with a little button to which little cords helping its locking can be hung. The rims are sewn and reinforced.
It can also be an excellent decorative object in your bedroom or your living room to impress your guests.

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