Reinforced basket

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You will certainly be charmed by this basket with a reinforced bottom and varied patterns; it’s both enjoyable to look at and to wear.

Carefully plaited, a hundred per cent in natural fiber. It can be worn both by a woman or a man. So, here is a good idea for a gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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This basket is available in different colours and models.
This basket with a reinforced bottom reflects the creativity of the Madagascan artisan who transforms raffia (je ne trouve qu’une traduction pour rabane et raphia: raffia dans les deux cas) into little marvels, i.e. in usual objects both enjoyable to look at and to wear.
Therefore, this exclusive and exceptional product is now within your grasp.
For customized patterns or decorations, don’t hesitate to tell us your wishes and demands in so far as dear customer, you’re the kings.

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